Optic Fiber Internet


Who We Are

Optic Fiber Internet Communications is a provider of broadband internet access in Canada. The medium used is using official wireless frequencies such as 3.3 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz, 2.4 Ghz free frequency, fiber optic, satellite – broadband VSAT (VSAT Ku Band and C Band). All media used can provide high speed data transfer services with internet access prices that are affordable and more competitive than other ISPs throughout Canada.
Solutions from Broadlink Communications include:

Broadband internet for individuals / individuals / housing
Broadband internet for residents in Apartment
Broadband internet for the company
Broadband internet in Office Building / Office Building / Highrise Building (Multi Tenant Unit in the form of Broadband Building)
Broadband Internet in Industrial Estate / Industrial Estate
Broadband Internet for Internet Cafes / Online Game / Business Center
Broadband Internet for the education community (School / University)
Broadband Internet for Nonprofits (Foundation) / NGO
Broadband Internet in Restaurant / Café / Mall / Shopping Center (Hotspot / Wifi Zone)
Broadband Internet in Hotel

Why Optic Fiber Internet Communications?

Internet connection from Optic Fiber Internet is available 24-Hour Unlimited. With this system customers do not have to worry about bills that will change every month when customers subscribe to the system through Dial Up / Line Phone technology. The internet sharing of Optic Fiber Internet is informed transparently and the internet backbone is connected via fiber optic & VSAT multi backbone connections.