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Content Writing and Link Building

If you are searching for a way to market your company’s website, then consider content marketing.  Search engines notice fresh content on a website.  If writing a blog post every day is not feasible, then either hire an in-house blogger, or set a goal to write at least 3 times a week. Google has added a “freshness algorithm” where their web crawlers search for new and fresh content.

Blogs are very simple to create with platforms such as Blogger and WordPress where they provide free templates or relatively affordable templates.  If a company already has a website and do not want to add a blog to their site they can simply create a blog with this platforms and buy the domain, “blog.mycompanyname.com.”  The content writing on the blog is a great way of adding a backlink pointing the search engines back to your main company website.

How do you create a backlink?  The first and most important part of creating links within your content is to make them quality links.  Do not stuff the content with keywords.  Any blog or written content should be relevant to your product or industry.  The best way to create a backlink is to have what is called a resource box, which is an excellent content strategy.  A resource box can also be utilised when guest blogging as well.

The resource box generally has a small avatar of the author, the author’s name, and the company URL.  The resource box company URL is the backlink. When the blog post has been shared through social media outlets, then it helps spread company link popularity.  The second most important component in writing a blog is DO NOT WRITE DUPLICATE CONTENT.  Search engines will not index duplicate content.  Instead, the Google spiders will log the first of the content and then place the duplicate on a sub-server.

If you find that writing is not your particular “cup o’ tea” then consider hiring an SEO copywriting service from a reputable digital marketing agency.  Not only will a copywriter know how to write for people, they will also know how to write for the search engines and be able to build links inside the blog content.

SEO content writing is very different then just writing down thoughts for a blog.  It requires the knowledge and understanding of keyword proximity, keyword frequency inside the written content.  SEO content writers will also have the understanding of how search engines operate. By putting together search engine optimisation knowledge and quality content a company can boost their domain authority and website traffic.