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How Does Jamboard Work?

Jamboard works on the basis of making individual and team collaboration easy. Modelled off the simple whiteboard, Jamboard uses interactive technology to enhance the simple whiteboard experience so that users can capture thoughts, ideas, and notes in a new and creative way.  In this article, we will highlight the different ways that you can use Jamboard so you can truly get a feel for what this technology has to offer. 

  1. Turn Brainstorming Sessions Into StoryBoards

Brainstorming sessions no longer need to be forced. Jamboard encourages you to let your creative juices flow by giving you the resources you need to create storyboards. With Jamboard being connected to the internet, you have access to thousands of websites, videos and images that you can use within your Jam session. Your brainstorming sessions will never be dull or boring again. 

  1. Remote Collaboration Made Easy 

 We all know how hard it is to harness the power of team collaboration, but with Jam sessions being able to host up to 16 people, you can easily get creative with your team from any part of the world. Team members who aren’t in the same room can easily log on via a computer or tablet, and participate at any time using the same functionality and tools as they would if they were collaborating on the Jamboard. 

  1. Distributing Documents Easily 

No longer will you experience the frustration of a ‘maximum file capacity’ message when trying to send a document via email. With Jamboard being powered by Google Drive and GSuits, sharing documents, large or small, between team members is extremely easy. Team members can either login to the shared drive and retrieve the documents they need or request a share link from the distributor so they can open the file. 

  1. Connect Via Video Chat 

Jamboards inbuilt video conferencing software allows you to connect with others. Whether it’s a friendly video chat between friends or an important video meeting between colleagues, Jamboard is equipped to do both. The fisheye lens picks up an entire room’s surroundings to suit large conference or boardrooms. These are only some of the ways in which you can use Jamboard. To learn more about the benefits of Jamboard you can visit our website here – www.jamboard.com.au