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How to Connect Your Yagi Antennas to Your Router?

Before anything else, let us try to have a clearer definition of what a Yagi antennas is all about, and what it can do for you in terms of router connectivity concerns. 

We’d qualify this antenna as a directional type. They are also  significantly helpful in singly improving radiation. This radiation can be either reception of energy or transmission, like that of a cell signal.  

There are a variety of applications for a Yagi type of antenna. At an industrial level, you can take advantage of them when you are working with radar technology. They help in movement detection or for ham radio. 

At a consumer level, you can use them to enhance Over-the-Air TV reception. The good news is, if you are not aware yet, you can now use Yagi type of antennas to boost cell and WiFi signals. This works to the advantage of those who are maintaining a home network. Offices with WiFi  networks can benefit from this, too. 

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However, if you are intending to use it on boosting your cell signal while inside your vehicle, we are not going to encourage you to do that.  

Hooking up or establishing a link between your WiFi router and Yagi antenna will make it possible for you to repeat a far-off network signal and receive the same. 

This will also make it possible for you to share your network connection to other nearby devices or another structure on your property sans the need to run cable. Attaching your Yagi type of antenna to a repeating router will help in getting the job done.  

Step 1

At the back of your WiFi router, you need to disconnect an antenna to give room for one more. Then grab your Yagi cable antenna and plug it into the empty antenna socket. Make sure to point your antenna towards the network direction you want to repeat.  

Step 2

Connect your desktop computer to your WiFi router, and from here head to the router configuration page. 

By default, this should be accessible by typing in onto your browser url section. In the basic configuration page, replace or make changes to the IP address of your router to “”.

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By this measure, your router will not get in the way of the network you want to repeat. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button to apply the changes you made. 

Step 3

Go to the top and click on the “Status” tab. Then look for the “wireless” tab and make your way to the bottom part of the page. You will find it there and click on the “Site Survey” button. 

Click on the “Join” button, which is usually following the network name you are intending to repeat. Then, finally, click on “Continue”, to allow your changes to take effect.  

Step 4

From “Wireless Mode” change it from “Client” to “Repeater”. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button. You will find this at the bottom of the page.  

Step 5

In the “Virtual Interface”, click on “Add” tab. From here you can come up with a name intended for your repeated network. When you are in the range of this router, you can connect to this network name. 

Should the network you are repeating happens to come with wireless encryption, it will be necessary for you to supply it with the correct password and encryption type. The “Wireless Security” tab will let you do this. 

Choose the security mode intended for the “Physical Interface”, then provide the correct password. To reboot your router and apply the changes made, click on the “Apply Setting” tab.  

Make sure to follow the suggested steps provided above to establish connection between your router and Yagi antenna.